Desk Top Partitions

Desk Top Partitions

Desktop Partition Screen

Melbourne Office Furniture proudly stocks a range of desktop partitions that are perfect for employees looking to fit an office desk with partitions. Our range includes desk mounted screens with desk clamps, as well as telemarketing partitions that feature acoustic board. We also stock an SK desktop partition screen that's available in 3 different heights and is ideal for creating privacy.

Office Desk With Partition

If you're looking for a highly customisable solution, our Vertiscreen desk mounted screen system is ideal. These desktop partitions are available in rectangular, incline and wave shapes and come in dozens of sizes to suit your specific requirements. They also feature a pinnable fabric in your choice of colour, plus you can also select the colour of the powder coat finish.

To learn more about our desktop partition screen products, or to obtain information on fitting an office desk with partitions from our range, contact us today.

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