Pedestals & Caddies

Pedestals & Caddies

Office Pedestals for Sale

If there's one thing that characterises the modern office, it's flexibility. Employees are now given more choice than ever before, enabling them to work at their desk, within a collaborative space, or in a private room. To ensure the needs of modern offices are met, Melbourne Office Furniture has a great range of office pedestals for sale. Also known as an office caddy, these mobile options can be easy relocated anywhere they're needed, giving you access to the documents and materials you need wherever you choose to work.

High-Quality Feature Office Pedestals

When you buy an office pedestal from Melbourne Office Furniture, you can rest assured you'll receive a high-quality piece of furniture that meets all your needs. Depending on the option you choose, features of our office caddy products include modern designs, anti-tilt mechanisms, locking castors, ball bearing runners, flush drawer fronts, and more.

Discover our complete range of office pedestals for sale and place your order now!

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