Height Adjustable

Height Adjustable

Height Adjustable Office Desk Electric

Sitting all day has been called "the new smoking" by some doctors, with claims that it can reduce your lifespan and contribute to a host of health problems, from obesity to back pain. Obviously, office workers are the most at risk from this issue, but a height adjustable office desk offers a solution to this problem.

Flexible and Versatile Height Adjustable Office Desk Solutions

These adjustable height office desk solutions are designed for workers to use standing rather than sitting. This places less stress on the body and encourages workers to move more often. It also improves their posture and reduces tightness in the back muscles. An office desk of adjustable height can suit the specific height of individual users for optimal ergonomic benefits. They can also be adjusted and tilted while the worker carries out different kinds of tasks.

Enjoy the Health Benefits Today

We offer height adjustable office desks electric and manual configurations. For the specifications and capabilities of each model, just click on its listing in our catalogue. If you're considering standing and require a height adjustable office desk for your workplace, contact us today to learn more or discuss their use and potential health benefits. Give us a call on (03) 9329 844 or come and see us in our showroom at 45 Bayside Avenue, Port Melbourne.

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