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Merida High Back

Lead Time: 1-5 Working Days ETA
As low as $414.00 Regular Price $460.00

New Chair, Merida High back is diiferent to medium back as in the back only, not just height. The back seems to fit snuggly and is comfy.  No lumber adjsutamnt but seems as the back is really great support with shape it does not need it. Worth a sit if you come in.

Fully ergonominc 3 lever indepenent lever with seat slide

160Kg Afrdi Load Rated chair with AFRDI rated level 6

Black Mesh and Black Fabric seat only, black 5 way base as standard and option to add adjustable arms

Other options available:

Chrome base

Drafting Kit

Glides instead of casters

Gas lift heights for tall and short


Assembled:Means fully assembled product and removal of rubbish

Flat Packed:Means supplied in box ,You will have to put together yourself & remove your own rubbi
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