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Price Beat Guarantee

If you find a cheaper price on an identical product – we will beat it.

Guarantee applies only on identical products in stock at another local retailer based in Australian state of Victoria only.

Terms & conditions

The proof of the identical product must be shown and documented prior to the sale.

The Melbourne Office Furniture price beat guarantee offer is made, subject to the following terms and conditions.

If the customer provides a copy of a quotation, catalogue, an advertisement broadcast on commercial radio, cover printouts/snapshots of competitors online web pages, telecast on commercial television or published in a daily newspaper (other than in the classified section) by a local competitor (within the same Australian state of Victoria only) by which the competitor offered the unconditional sale and immediate delivery to the public of a product identical to the relevant product for an unconditional advertised cash price, which is less than the price offered by Melbourne Office Furniture for the relevant product after all allowances, rebates and discounts, then Melbourne Office Furniture will beat the advertised competitors price.

The customer cannot accept the Melbourne Office Furniture guarantee: (a) more than once in relation to a relevant purchase; or (b) if the competitor price is conditional, or a price determined after the allowance of any amount for, or is part of a promotion involving, financing, delivery, assembly, rebates, cash back offer, free or bonus offer, trade discount, stock clearance or any limited quantity promotion; or (c) if the customer cannot prove to the reasonable satisfaction of Melbourne Office Furniture that the competitor could, on the date of the relevant purchase, supply the competitor product to the customer out of stock on hand of the competitor at the retail premises or warehouse of the competitor.

Furthermore, Melbourne Office Furniture will not accept proof of competitor prices after the sale has taken place or at a later date, regardless if the item/s purchased are pending or awaiting delivery. Melbourne Office Furniture will not offer a reduction or change in price, or any alteration to the transaction in the unlikely event a customer finds a lower price at a competitor after their purchase time and date. Any subsequent change or cancellation of purchase will adhere to the standard Melbourne Office Furniture cancellation and refund policies, and will be subject to standard cancellation fees and terms.


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